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The Art of the Plucked String

Saturday, June 8  –  7:00 pm
Veritas Preparatory Academy
(A Great Hearts Academy)
3102 N. 56th Street, Phoenix

Sunday, June 9  –  3:00 pm
Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church
2331 E. Adams Street, Tucson

Tickets: $15 general admission, $5 students


To be announced

Mireille Hofmann Jacquod & Christina Jarvis, sopranos
Arizeder Urreiztieta, bass
Kiann Mapes, flute
Dieter Hennings, guitar, lute, theorbo
Theodore Buchholz,
Jeffri Sanders, harpsichord

The urge to take a length of something twangy and affix it to a piece of wood is shared by civilizations back to the dawn of time. Plucked instruments, as it happens, are perfect for accompanying the human voice. In Renaissance and baroque Europe, the lute and its late sixteenth- century cousin, the theorbo, ruled musical life as solo and ensemble instruments ­— they gave color and chordal structure to ensembles, accompanied singers, and provided soothing solos for kings with migraines. The lute may have originated in Muslim Spain. Also from Spain was the vihuela de mano, a fretted instrument shaped like a baby viola da gamba, which developed into the Baroque guitar. While the lute fell out of use, the guitar has persisted to the present day. Musica Sonora welcomes guitarist / lutenist Dieter Hennings, who joins sopranos Mireille Hofmann Jacquod and Christina Jarvis, bass Arizeder Urreiztieta and instrumentalists Kiann Robinson Mapes, Theodore Buchholz, and Jeffri Sanders, in a concert of plucked glory from the Renaissance and baroque.

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